Blackpool Air Show presents a stunning action packed programme for 2016 and will be held on two days, Sunday 7th August and Monday 8th August. The 2016 Blackpool Air Display has something for all the family with a strong Aerobatics content for this year.

Blackpool launched the worlds first official air show in 1909, an historic year in aviation when French aviator Louis Bleriot made the first crossing of the English Channel in a heavier than air aircraft.

Since those early days Blackpool Air show has been at the forefront of family entertainment air shows, with exciting flying programs designed to appeal to all the family. The stunning Blackpool sands and iconic Tower make a unique backdrop to one of the north west’s finest air shows. The primary action takes place between North Pier and Central Pier, Tower Festival Headland, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 4BJ.

Many favourites return each year, the running order for the 2016 Blackpool Air Show is:

Sunday 7th August 2016

  • 1.41pm Chipmunk: The Chipmunk is a tandem, two-seat, single-engined primary trainer aircraft which was the standard primary trainer for the Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Air Force and several other air forces through much of the post-Second World War years.
    The RAF received 735 Chipmunks, designated de Havilland Chipmunk T.10, manufactured in the UK by the de Havilland parent company as a Tiger Moth replacement. They initially served with Reserve Flying Squadrons of the RAF Volunteer Reserve as well as the University Air Squadrons. Chipmunks were pressed into service in Cyprus on internal security flights during the conflict in 1958. Eight disassembled aircraft were flown out in the holds of Blackburn Beverley transports. After reassembly, they operated as 114 Squadron for some months into 1959. From 1956 to 1990 the Chipmunks of the RAF Gatow Station Flight were used for covert reconnaissance by BRIXMIS over the Berlin area.
  • 1.51pm Twister Aerobatics Team: The Silence Twister started life as a world beating radio controlled aerobatic machine simply known as the Twister. It had been developed by Matthias and Thomas Strieker in Germany and was so successful that they decided to build a “real” version of the model.
    The design of the aircraft has been significantly developed from the original kits and the team’s latest aircraft have been built specifically for aerobatics and air displays with integral smoke systems and wiring for the wingtip pyrotechnics as well as glass cockpit technology featuring computerised engine management systems. G-JINX, the latest aircraft, also features a new centreline hardpoint allowing the carriage of a ferry tank and extra storage.
  • 2.03pm RAF Typhoon: Cutting edge military aircraft. When you see the Typhoon performing on this year’s display circuit it will be the culmination of months of hard work, detailed preparation and concerted effort by the team behind the display. Whilst it is the pilot who displays the aircraft, he cannot even begin to do his job without the unfaltering commitment and backing of the dedicated group of professionals that make up the Typhoon Display Team. This year’s team, from 29(R) Squadron, comprises a specialist from every aircraft trade along with support and management teams to assist both the pilot and the trades, all of whom work closely together to bring you the dazzling spectacle that is the Typhoon Display.
    Every member of the team has been hand picked from what is already an elite cadre of skilled personnel at RAF Coningsby. They have proven themselves in their day jobs and are now privileged and proud to represent the very best in excellence and dedication that the Royal Air Force can offer. RAF Typhoon Display Team website.
  • 2.16pm Breitling Wing Walkers: Our wingwalkers are seen live by over 6 million spectators each year in the UK alone. They perform a breathtaking sequence of acrobatic manoeuvres and handstands whilst strapped to the top wings of the team’s beautiful Boeing Stearman biplanes. The team pilots fly the aircraft through a well rehearsed energetic routine of dazzling aerobatics and close formation flypasts as the wingwalkers wave at the crowd. These manoeuvres include, loops, rolls, stall turns and even inverted flight! During all of this, the wingwalkers experience speeds of up to 150 mph and ‘G’ forces of up to 4G! Wing Walkers website.
  • 2.29pm BAC Strikemaster: The BAC 167 Strikemaster is essentially an armed version of the Jet Provost T Mk 5; the Strikemaster was modified with an uprated engine, wing hardpoints, a strengthened airframe, new communication and navigation gear, uprated ejection seats, shortened landing gear, and a revised fuel system including conformal fuel tanks on the wing tips.[1] First flown in 1967, the aircraft was marketed as a light attack or counter-insurgency aircraft, but most large-scale purchasers were air forces wanting an advanced trainer, although Ecuador, Oman and Yemen have used their aircraft in combat. A total of 146 were built.
  • 2.40pm Autogyro: The enigmatic Rotosport Calidus Gyrocopter is sure to tickle our fancy, quirky but great fun and one of Blackpool Air Shows favourites. Piloted by Peter Davies.


  • Tandem two-seat aircraft, designed in Germany as a comfortable touring machine capable of going places, with cabin heat, fully adjustable pilot seat. Was certified by CAA in UK Jan 2011. Over 1000 of this make sold Worldwide. visit website.

  • 2.51pm Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight: The iconic Avro Lancaster, Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane from the RAF BBMF display over Blackpool. Battle of Britain memorial Flight website.
  • 3.24pm Team Raven: Team Raven are a formation aerobatic display team that formed in May 2014. They are the phoenix to the disbandment of Team Osprey and Team Viper.


  • The Ravens use Van’s RV aircraft with a mix of 1 RV4 and 4 RV8s. All are self build aircraft, albeit only Ravens 2 and 4 have been self built by the Team. They are of all aluminium construction and use standard Lycoming io-360, 180hp engines coupled to constant speed propellers, which given their light weight results in an agreeable power to weight ratio. Performance is very good, especially climb rate when measured against typical flying club aircraft such as the C152 & PA28/38s, but they are not carbon fibre rocket ships such as the Extra 300s and Edge 540s on the display scene and competition circuit. However, they are fully aerobatic with a decent ‘g’-limit range and aerobatic ability and as such are ideal for the requirements of Team Raven. The Team have modified their aircraft with smoke systems, to which a big ‘thank you’ must go out to the LAA (of which all the Team are members) for the help and support in making this possible within the tight timelines prior to the 2014 display season. The aircraft as well as being fully aerobatic are relatively quick and frugal which further adds to their attraction for private ownership. They are a pilot’s aircraft and a delight to fly, but being tail draggers are always able to keep the unsuspecting pilot on their toes! We are above all, passionate aviation enthusiasts and consequently are more than happy to discuss our aircraft with anyone who cares to listen at any venue we attend. The aircraft are all self funded and owned and run by each of their pilots respectively.

  • 3.42pm Pitts Special: The Trig Aerobatic Team’s display brings vintage glamour and dynamic close formation flying to the skies. Team leader Richard Grace and Dave Puleston operate two Pitts Special S-1D biplanes. These aircraft were designed in the 1940’s but remain popular due to their high power and low weight ratio.
    Trig Aerobatic Team website.
  • 4.00pm Red Arrows: The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, is one of the world’s premier aerobatic display teams and a regular at Blackpool Air Show. Representing the speed, agility and precision of the RAF, the team is the public face of the service. They assist in recruiting to the Armed Forces, act as ambassadors for the United Kingdom and promote the best of British. Flying distinctive Hawk jets, the team is made up of pilots, engineers and essential support staff with frontline, operational experience. RAF Red Arrows website.
  • 4.25pm Finish:

Monday 8th August 2016

  • 1.00pm Chipmunk: (See Saturday Programme, above, for details).
  • 1.04pm Twisters Aerobatics: (See Saturday Programme, above, for details).
  • 1.52pm Wing Walkers: (See Saturday Programme, above, for details).
  • 2.05pm Team Raven: (See Saturday Programme, above, for details).
  • 2.35pm Calidus Autogyro: (See Saturday Programme, above, for details).
  • 2.46pm Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight: (See Saturday Programme, above, for details).
  • 3.07pm Trig Team: (See Saturday Programme, above, for details).
  • 3.20pm BAC Strikemaster: (See Saturday Programme, above, for details).
  • 3.31pm The Global Stars: Mark Jefferies Global Stars display team perform awesome aerobatics displays at air shows around the globe. The Extra 330SC (single competition) is the top of the range awesome aerobatic aircraft with +10/-10 G limits. G-IIHI, it is one of the first of its type to be built, its serial number is 008 and it is entirely in a class of its own. It is fitted with the newly certified Lycoming AE10-580 engine which has been specifically developed for high performance aerobatic aircraft. The engine produces an impressive 320hp (580 cubic inches but only turning at 2700 rpm) which when you consider there is no ground resistance, is quite incredible. Its maximum diving speed is 418 km/h and it has an incredibly fast roll rate of 420 degrees per second. If the weather conditions are right, the aircraft can be seen to hover and in the right hands, it really does performs manoeuvres that should not be possible! Mark Jefferies is one of the few pilots that can fly this aircraft to its limits! As well as its sporty paint scheme, the Extra 330SC has a unique smoke system fitted which enables smoke to be “pulsed” out, offering something different to air show audiences. Mark Jeffries Air Display website.
  • 3.46pm Finish.

Stalls and static displays on Tower Festival Headland open from 10am.

A really exciting programme for the 2016 Blackpool Air Show is being assembled and Blackpool anticipates welcoming tens of thousands of people into the resort for the two days.
All the aerobatic display teams we witness at Blackpool Air Show are breathtaking and this year’s display is sure to be a fly away success.

What do the visitors have to say? Barbara emailed:

Felt I had to write and say what a fantastic day out for all the family over two days and all for free!!
Blackpool doesn’t get enough credit. Well done Blackpool!

Blackpool Air Display 2016! See you there.

Note that all the displays are subject to availability and suitable weather conditions on the day. The flying programme may therfore be subject to change without prior notification.

Tower Festival Headland Promenade Blackpool Lancashire FY1 4BJ Tel: 01253 478222

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